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Duplocloud Py Client

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duploctl is a cli and package to work with a Duplocloud portal. It is a CLI for interacting with Duplocloud resources, such as Tenants, and is designed to work seamlessly within CLI-based CI/CD pipelines. It is a fully extensible package and can be used as both a Python module and a CLI.


From PyPi:

pip install duplocloud-client

From Homebrew:

brew install duplocloud/tap/duploctl


Use duploctl as a CLI or as a standalone Python module called by your custom script.


Use the following syntax for these global arguments:
| Arg | Env Var | Description | Default | Required |
| --- | --- | --- | --- | --- |
| --host, -H | DUPLO_HOST | The host to connect to | | Yes |
| --token, -T | DUPLO_TOKEN | The token to use for auth | | Yes |
| --tenant, -t | DUPLO_TENANT | The tenant to use for auth | default | No |


CLI command syntax for invoking duploctl

duploctl <resource> <command> <args...>

Example Usages

Full documentation is in the Wiki section.

Configure duploctl access with environment variables:

export DUPLO_HOST=
export DUPLO_TENANT=dev01

List the services in a tenant:

duploctl service list

Register Profile for AWS:

duploctl jit update_aws_config myportal

Open AWS Web Console:

duploctl jit web

Get Kubernetes config:

duploctl jit update_kubeconfig myinfra

Python Module

Spawn your client from a Python script using the DuploClient.from_env() method and arguments. The second return value are the unparsed arguments from the command line. This example uses the client as a callable using command like syntax.

duplo, args = DuploClient.from_env()
t = duplo("tenant", "find", "mytenant")

Spawn a client with a custom host and token from a Python script. This example loads a resource and runs a method manually.

duplo = DuploClient.from_creds(host="", token="mytoken")
tenants = duplo.load("tenant")
t = tenants.find("mytenant")