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Argument Map

ARN = Arg('aws-arn', '--arn', help='The aws arn', default=None) module-attribute

BODY = Arg('file', '-f', '--cli-input', help='A file to read the input from', type=argparse.FileType('r'), action=YamlAction) module-attribute

BROWSER = Arg('web-browser', '--browser', help='The desired web browser to use for interactive login', env='DUPLO_BROWSER') module-attribute

CACHE_DIR = Arg('cachedir', '--cache-dir', help='The cache directory for saved credentials.', env='DUPLO_CACHE') module-attribute

COMMAND = Arg('command', help='The subcommand to run') module-attribute

CONFIG = Arg('configfile', '--config-file', help='The path to the duploctl configuration file.', env='DUPLO_CONFIG') module-attribute

CONTENT_DIR = Arg('content', '--content-dir', help='The content directory for a website.', default='dist', env='DUPLO_CONTENT') module-attribute

CONTEXT = Arg('context', '--ctx', help='Use the specified context from the config file.', env='DUPLO_CONTEXT') module-attribute

CRONSCHEDULE = Arg('cronschedule', help='The schedule to use') module-attribute

DAYS = Arg('days', help='The days to use', type=int) module-attribute

DELETEVAR = Arg('deletevar', '-D', action='append', help='a key to delete from the environment variables') module-attribute

ENABLE = Arg('enable', '-y', help='Enable or disable the feature', type=bool, action=argparse.BooleanOptionalAction) module-attribute

HOME_DIR = Arg('homedir', '--home-dir', help='The home directory for duplo configurations', env='DUPLO_HOME') module-attribute

Home Directory

Defaults to users home directory in a directory named ".duplo" This is where the cli will look by default for the config and cache.

HOST = Arg('host', '-H', help='The url to specified duplo portal.', env='DUPLO_HOST') module-attribute

IMAGE = Arg('image', help='The image to use') module-attribute

IMMEDIATE = Arg('immediate', '-i', help='Apply the change immediately', type=bool, action='store_true') module-attribute

INTERACTIVE = Arg('interactive', '-I', help='Use interactive Login mode for temporary tokens. Do not use with --token.', type=bool, action='store_true') module-attribute

INTERVAL = Arg('interval', help='The monitoring interval to use', type=int, choices=[1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60]) module-attribute

ISADMIN = Arg('admin', '--isadmin', help='Request admin access when using interactive login.', type=bool, action='store_true') module-attribute

LOGLEVEL = Arg('log-level', '--loglevel', '-L', help='The log level to use.', default='INFO', env='DUPLO_LOG_LEVEL', choices=list(logging._nameToLevel.keys())) module-attribute

MAX = Arg('max', '-M', help='The maximum number of replicas', type=int) module-attribute

MIN = Arg('min', '-m', help='The minimum number of replicas', type=int) module-attribute

NAME = Arg('name', nargs='?', help='The resource name') module-attribute

NOCACHE = Arg('no-cache', '--nocache', help='Do not use cache credentials.', type=bool, action='store_true') module-attribute

OUTPUT = Arg('output', '-o', help='The output format', default='json', env='DUPLO_OUTPUT') module-attribute

PASSWORD = Arg('password', help='The password to use') module-attribute

PATCHES = Arg('patches', '-p', help='The json patch to apply', action=JsonPatchAction) module-attribute

PLAN = Arg('plan', '-P', help='The plan name.', env='DUPLO_PLAN') module-attribute

QUERY = Arg('query', '-q', help='The jmespath query to run on a result') module-attribute

REPLICAS = Arg('replicas', '-r', help='Number of replicas for service', type=int) module-attribute

S3BUCKET = Arg('bucket', help='The s3 bucket to use') module-attribute

S3KEY = Arg('key', help='The s3 key to use') module-attribute

SAVE_SECRET = Arg('save-secret', '--save', help='Save the secret to secrets manager.', type=bool, action='store_true') module-attribute

SCHEDULE = Arg('schedule', '-s', help='The schedule to use') module-attribute

SERVICE = Arg('service', help='The service to run', choices=available_resources()) module-attribute

SERVICEIMAGE = Arg('serviceimage', '-S', help='takes two arguments, a service name and an image:tag', action='append', nargs=2, metavar=('service', 'image')) module-attribute

SETVAR = Arg('setvar', '-V', help='a key and value to set as an environment variable', action='append', nargs=2, metavar=('key', 'value')) module-attribute

SIZE = Arg('size', help='The instance size to use') module-attribute

STRATEGY = Arg('-strategy', '-strat', help='The merge strategy to use for env vars. Valid options are "merge" or "replace". Default is merge.', choices=['merge', 'replace'], default='merge') module-attribute

TARGET = Arg('target', '--target-name', help='The target name to use') module-attribute

TENANT = Arg('tenant', '-T', help='The tenant name', env='DUPLO_TENANT') module-attribute

TENANT_ID = Arg('tenantid', '--tenant-id', '--tid', help='The tenant id', env='DUPLO_TENANT_ID') module-attribute

TIME = Arg('time', '--time', help='The time to use') module-attribute

TOKEN = Arg('token', '-t', help='The token to authenticate with duplocloud portal api.', env='DUPLO_TOKEN') module-attribute

VERSION = Arg('version', '--version', action='version', version=f'%(prog)s {VERSION}', type=bool) module-attribute

WAIT = Arg('wait', '-w', help='Wait for the operation to complete', type=bool, action='store_true') module-attribute